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Byamba UlambayarWeb Design versus Web Programming

“The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.”

Jon Stewart


Whether your website needs a fresh look, a new data management solution or a complete overhaul, The Ivy Group can deliver a dynamic online presence. Building sites that are “user-friendly” is our first rule of development. What does the user want to do? Find information? Buy a product? Donate? Our sites facilitate communication, engagement, and transactions—in an environment that supports the brand. We have been providing a full array of web development services since 1998 and are considered a “one-stop” shop for development of websites and online tools.

Custom Website Design & Development

It’s not enough for a site to be good-looking. It has to work—and work hard. That’s why we begin projects with a focus on the architecture of a site: how content is organized and delivered. Our award-winning web design and programming using the latest programming languages (CSS3, HTML5, PHP, etc.), supports that functionality and ensures seamless performance for your users.  

Content Management Your Way

Our skilled programmers can create a website built on a content management system (CMS) with custom functionality that puts your data to work for you. The back-end user interfaces we build are intuitive so whoever is managing the site’s content can keep it fresh and relevant, regardless of IT skills. We have experience custom programming a variety of open source CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine; e-commerce platforms like Magento; as well as our own proprietary data management system, Mimik.

Online Tools for Your Business

From inventory integration to variable fuel pricing, we have engineered highly functional online tools that streamline operations particular to unique businesses. Our programmers have developed custom e-commerce platforms, online forms, customer interfaces, supply chain management systems, data management functionality, multi-permissioned intranets, and efficient information management systems that maximize opportunities and leverage the most advanced technologies.

Sites All Users Can Use

Websites should be accessible to all users. Our sites adhere to the highest web development standards, follow with Section 508 standards, and perform optimally on all major, current browsers. In those instances when accessibility is a requirement we can also ensure full compliance with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We also don’t forget about the mobile user!

Metrics That Count

Who is visiting your site? Are you reaching your target audience? How is your site ranked with search engines? Using metrics such as Google Analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, The Ivy Group can put the right eyeballs on your website.

Hosting That Won't Let You Down

We offer secure, redundant hosting. If there is a power failure or dramatic natural occurrence, your site is rolled over to functioning servers so that it continues to perform. Plus, our team is available to server—either by annual contract or hourly—all your maintenance needs.

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