Website for AccuTec Blades

The new AccuTEC home page

When it came time for AccuTec Blades to tune up their digital toolbox--a.k.a., their website--we stepped up to the plate. No one questioned that: the old site was not content manageable, not responsive, not user-friendly, and--on top of it all--not in line with the new brand. As the agency of record, we designed, wrote, programmed, and launched AccuTec's sister sites: (English) and (Spanish).

For over 140 years AccuTec has epitomized the American can-do spirit of enterprise and invention. This new site is one of many new initiatives that AccuTec is actively implementing to highlight our company brands, quality, and product performance.

Larry Baab, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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The new AccuTEC website displaying on a laptop and iPhone
AccuTec’s website is designed to function smoothly across multiple devices.

Easy to Use, Even on the Go

The new sites offer smooth access to the information AccuTec’s customers need to make informed purchase decisions. Whether at a workstation with a desktop computer, traveling with a laptop, or out and about on a smartphone, the sites are responsive to all screen sizes and devices.

At the End of the Day, It's All About the Product

Some people like to get right to the point. Some like to learn everything they can on a matter and then request more information. Website visitors are no different; after all, they are people (most of them, anyway--dang those spam bots). We strove to provide a user experience that engaged visitors no matter their objective.

A Legacy Company. A New Era.

AccuTec Blades has a history that goes back well over one hundred years. During that time, even though its ownership has changed more than once, the commitment to quality has been at the core of the company's culture. Stepping up over the past few years as AccuTec's marketing partner, we aimed to create a site that lived up to their motto: "Engineered to Perform". And it is.

The newly designed products search page
With a custom product search bar, users can find exactly what they need without having to comb the entire site.

When a customer visits the new website, they can experience AccuTec in a way that's efficient for their needs. Perhaps that means browsing the company's capability to engage with a variety of applications like dermatology, carpet, roofing, and automotive. Maybe it's reading about the company's commitment to safety (a must when it comes to razor blades), or learning about different edges, coatings, and materials. Or, in many cases, it means going straight to the products page, which offers a product-only search bar and filtering system to complement the site-wide search.

Engineered to Perform

AccuTec Blades' new sites more accurately reflect the blade manufacturer’s expertise and commitment to precision engineering and product quality. However, our work is not done! We plan to make continuous incremental improvements to the site's functionality and content based on ongoing user testing and usage analysis.

The web and user expectations will never stop evolving and neither will AccuTec Blades.