Chiles Family Orchards

Chiles Family of Orchards - Juice Road trip ahead!

The family orchards—located at disparate locations, and each operating according to a different harvesting schedule—needed a comprehensive marketing program to grow the business for generations to come.

A family business in need of another set of expert hands

Chiles Family of Orchards, which includes Carter Mountain Orchard, Chiles Peach Orchard, and Spring Valley Orchard, has been a family enterprise growing fruit for many generations. The Chiles family has a vision of where they want the business to go, but managing the day-to-day logistics doesn't leave much time for marketing.

When we met, the Orchards were looking for a long-term partner to understand their business, give character to the brand, develop an overall marketing strategy, leverage technology effectively, and be readily available to collaborate on day-to-day communications. Thus, began our fruitful relationship.

Fresh, lively design invites visitors to “C'mon Out” to the orchards

Branding the orchards as distinct yet related locations began with a design update. Slight tweaks to the existing logos were followed by an overhaul of the print designs. Our design team freshened up the print advertising art with contemporary fonts and lively, colorful photography that focuses on people and the ideal orchard experience.

Logo refreshes for three orchards in 2014

Family-centric marketing program is supported by market research

Recognizing that family is at the core of the orchard experience, we keep the Chiles family front and center in the advertising creative. Cynthia Chiles is the voice of the orchards on radio, Henry Chiles ("Farmer Henry") stars in video content, and Lizzy Chiles is our social media partner.

An integrated program of radio, print, social media, and digital advertising is planned around demographic/psychographic research of visitors and prospective visitors. We conducted market segmentation research to identify and target specific market segments and understand their needs and interests. By creating "personas" of our targeted customers, we can build back stories about their day-to-day lives and begin to imagine what experiences would appeal to them.

Collage of design collateral for Crown Orchard company - Chiles Family of Orchards

We are growing every year.

Cynthia Chiles

Every year we strategize, plan, and brainstorm so that when the orchards reopen for a new season, they are ready with a strategic, creative, and integrated advertising campaign.

Content marketing brings the experience to life

The orchards are experienced in real time and with concrete products—the farm markets are full of gifts and goodies—but promoting the orchards is really about creating the ambiance, appealing to nostalgia, and coloring in the experience. Content marketing through website articles and social media posts stimulates the desire for the real experience and builds trust by offering something of value to the reader.

For the 2018 season, we launched an Orchard Outlook series to tee up each picking season. "Farmer Henry" walks us through how the crop is doing, when picking will start, and visiting tips. People love getting the inside scoop straight from the family farmer!

Website unifies the brands and drives orchard visits

We combined the three sister orchards into a single site,, to increase brand awareness yet maintain the unique identity of each orchard.

For a business blessed with gorgeous views and tasty fruits, it was important that the site be visually appealing. The design incorporates photography of the orchards’ products, fresh fruit and country treats, with imagery that communicates the family fun experience of a visit to the orchards. The textures and fonts reinforce the wholesome, country atmosphere of the orchards, while the bright colors and sharp iconography add an energetic, modern feel.

Thank you, Chiles, for having a usable and informative website.

Staunton Newsleader

With new fruits in season from month to month, the site has to enable fast and painless content updates. Built on a Word Press content management system, the site allows the Chiles team to easily update content and share news articles and upcoming events. Bringing the orchards together under one umbrella also helped to eliminate content redundancies across the sites.

Our web team is particularly proud of the site’s custom fruit availability charts and dynamic hours widget that signal whether an orchard is open or closed.

These and other custom-programmed features result in a mobile-responsive website that is highly functional and friendly for both site visitors and content managers.

Mobile-responsive website design, shown on mobile and tablet, for Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville, VA


Unify the marketing of three distinct orchards under one "uber" brand and raise agri-tourism profile to local community and tourists.


Advertising strategy and program management, website (, graphic design, social media, consumer research, digital advertising, collateral development, content creation


  • Attracted tourists and locals by repositioning the orchards as destinations
  • Built customer loyalty with strategic, targeted content marketing
  • Analyzed advertisement results across multiple platforms and incorporated findings into deliverables for more effective ads and messaging