Libraries “at the core” of Common Core State Standards

As Common Core State Standards are adopted, students will rely even more on library resources.

Katie Falcone Leaves The Ivy Group for Marketing Position at Historic Site

Katie has accepted the position of Marketing, Communications & Events Manager at Ash Lawn-Highland, the home of President James Monroe. She was a valued employee for three years, and we will miss her.

We Love WordPress, and You Will, Too

WordPress can be used to manage many types of websites, from small business ecommerce sites to blogs to large news media organizations. There is no one “cookie cutter” look for a WordPress website. For all these reasons and more, we love WordPress, and you will, too.

Going for the Award: To Apply or Not to Apply?

How do you decide which awards to “go for”? A thoughtful submission requires time on top of your established workload. The next time your boss passes an opportunity your way, ask yourself these essential questions before spending hours—yes, hours—filling out that application.

Are Focus Groups a Necessary Research Method?

We often receive inquiries about focus groups. In common use for many years in corporate America, their popularity has migrated into the non-profit sector. However, …

Web Design versus Web Programming

Like two Sumo wrestlers warily crouching and circling, website designers and programmers sometimes find themselves face to face ready to do battle. Sumo is said to be as much a mental as physical discipline--opponents have been known to stare at each other far longer than they actually wrestle. In the course of website development, so too have designers and programmers gone (figuratively) to the mat.